The Desman


It is the new friend of children, all gray with a "little" pink nose and loves the snow.
You guessed it's Desman Angles!
Fun and cheerful is the new mascot of the station who paces his first winter, the ski slopes to meet you.


It is called Desman but it is also nicknamed the Joan Desman !!!

How people react when they see it?
Everyone wants a hug, both children and adults!

What is its role on the station?
His favorite pastime is to wander in the village or on ski slopes to meet people.
Then go to meet him to make him a little hug and a souvenir photo .....


The Pyrenean Desman or Rat-trumpet is a mammal of the family Talpidae who lives in the Pyrenees and northern Spain and Portugal. It is a semi-aquatic insectivore, living near streams and mainly nocturnal. He is nicknamed trumpet rat because of the shape of his nose.

This is one of 79 animal species listed as vulnerable in France by the Monitoring Centre of Conservation.

The Pyrenean desman lives in streams and lakes of Franco-Spanish Pyrenees and the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a quiet animal, difficult to observe and fears little man. It feeds exclusively on aquatic larvae sensitive to pollution: Plecoptera larvae, caddis and mayflies. For this reason it is considered a marker of its environment.

Desman looks anatomically other animals such as rats, mole or shrew:

Rat, it has all the hindquarters: strong legs, stubby legs, a long tail for him to move easily in his chosen medium, water.
The mole, it has the front part of the body: the claws for digging to develop the terrier, education center for its small and its various essential shelter against predators.
Shrew, it has a hyperdéveloppée wrong for him to identify the larvae which it feeds. This sophisticated body it is essential for survival.



Before heading to the mountains in winter with children, you have to think:

- Book daycare for your children
- Book ski lessons and equipment (possibility to book online)
- Provide the necessary documents: health card, family book, vaccination card, health card, ID
- Bring waterproof and warm clothing for the practice of snow sports (hat, gloves, snow boots, ...)
- Remove sunglasses and sunscreen products
- Think swimwear, buoys, armbands for hot water baths
A camera