Skiing area

Les Angles is a real village resort at the foot of the slopes, and it has managed to retain its authentic character whilst at the same time providing everything one expects of a modern ski resort. 

It is the only resort in the Pyrenees where the ski slopes descend into the old village itself, making it one of the most pleasant.

The skiing area has 55km of runs for skiers of all abilities, with an altitude drop of 800m. It culminates at 2,400m and is one of the largest ski areas in the Eastern Pyrenees, with 45 varied runs alternating between forests of mountain pine and great open spaces.

For beginners there are 14 green runs and 9 blue ones, so you may learn in safe conditions. For the more advanced there are 14 red runs and 8 black runs to test your technical skills.
So whatever your level, head off to Balcère or Pla del Mir for an unforgettable ski break.

  • Dôme Roc D'Aude Les Angles
  • Télésiège Roc D'Aude Les Angles
  • Canon à Neige Village Les Angles
  • Bas de Station Les Angles
  • Domaine Skiable Les Angles
  • Dameuse Les Angles
  • Plateaux Bigorre Les Angles
  • Lac Altitude Bigorre Les Angles
  • Hors Pistes Les Angles
  • Domaine Skiable Les Angles
  • Lac Altitude Les Angles
  • Mur Mermet Les Angles
  • Télésiège Pla del Mir Les Angles
  • Domaine Skiable Les Angles
  • Télécabine Les Pèlerins Les Angles
  • Surf Park Les Angles


Grooming refers to the action of compacting the snow to make it last longer.

The aim is to build up a whole series of fine compacted layers to guarantee good snow coverage. It enables the snow to resist surface wear. It’s delicate work, and the less snow there is, the more delicate the operation 

Dans la peau des dameurs des Angles - Le damage aux Angles - 2014


The ski runs at Les Angles are between 1600m and 2400m in altitude, with 60% of the skiing area lying above 2000m. Many of the runs are north-facing, guaranteeing longer-lasting, better quality snow.

The station has 363 snow guns covering 70% of the skiing area.
Artificial snow is no replacement for natural snow, except in the event of exceptionally little snowfall. Instead it is used to complement the natural coverage and produce a high-quality sub-layer.

Artificial snow is made of air, water, and nothing else!

No additives are used in our factories to make artificial snow.
Given that we draw on water resources we need to be very careful about the environmental impact. But at the end of the winter, the snow melts and the water naturally returns via infiltration and gravity to where it originally came from.

L'usine à neige de la station de ski des Angles  - 2014


The piste safety patrol team are there to ensure safety on the slopes.
Their principle mission is to prevent risks on the skiing area.

They install and check the piste signs, and inform skiers about all the possible dangers.
It is also they who provide first aid in the event of an accident.

It is also the duty of the ski patrols to set off preventative avalanches.

Le mêtier de Pisteur secouriste - Les Angles - 2014


Our objective is to give you satisfaction and to continually improve what we do.
Our Quality Approach is based on these ideas.

Our top priority is client satisfaction.
That is why Les Angles resort has been working towards ISO 9001 certification for about 10 years now.
This internationally recognised standard is a way of attaining a guaranteed level of performance.

We do everything we can to meet your expectations and provide quality service:

  • A personal welcome and approachability are priorities for us
  • Satisfaction surveys and ‘mystery clients’ throughout the season
  • Individual answers to your requests and complaints
  • Safe, reliable ski lifts
  • A varied and meticulously maintained skiing area that is easy to get to
  • Excellent sales technology systems