‘Lake Park’ Snowpark

The Snowpark at Les Angles was the first in the Pyrenees when it was set up in 1991. There was a clear shortage of any kind of facilities or equipment for snow surfing.

Les Angles was the first resort to cater to this new kind of skiing by setting aside a "Snow Park", which has grown in size over the years.
Since 1991 the Les Angles Park has seen many downhill, freestyle, and snowboard champions.

Fun and open to all, the park has successfully adapted to the changing needs of our clients, offering an ever wider range of activities.

With a sound system throughout the Park and permanent WebCam feeds, there are three fun areas for skiers of all levels with: 
Whoops, Jumps, Big Air, Wallride and Wood Modules (rails and tables) all waiting for you.

  • snowboard portrait
  • Big Air Snowpark Les Angles
  • snowboardeuse
  • Jump Snowpark Les Angles
  • Snowpark en Pyrénées Les Angles
  • Jump Snowpark Les Angles
  • Panoramique Snowpark Les Angles
  • Pst Snowpark Les Angles
  • Freestyle Airbag Snowpark Les Angles
  • Snowpark Lakepark Les Angles
  • Pst Snowpark Les Angles
  • Jump Snowpark Les Angles

Located above the Bigorre Plateau, the park is the place for skiers and snowboarders to develop and perfect their skills.

The five-hectare Snow Park is equipped with snow guns and hosts numerous contests for you all to come and enjoy throughout the season.
The Snowpark has hosted the French Championships, the La Dépêche Pyrénées Snowboard Tour, the Last Ultima Freestyle, the NRJ Contest, and the Only Girls Freestyle.


The resort has also equipped the Snow Park with a Freestyle Airbag (free to use with any valid ski pass).

Long used by professional stunt performers, this sort of inflatable mattress has been specially devised for skiing and snowboarding.

It is there to safely cushion any jumps, whether for professionals or amateurs.

Is enables the general public to safely discover just what fun you can have jumping and doing freestyle.
It is what makes it such a thrilling activity.

The outstanding panoramic views and friendly Shapers mean that great moments riding are to be had by all.