La Carte privilège



  • 4h package rates for subscribers from the 1st day of skiing
  • -50% On the 5th day
  • Free 10th, 15th, and last day of opening
  • No passing crates
  • consumption monitoring
  • debit from your account at month end


Discounts apply to the total number of ski day consumed (consecutive or not)

Only valid on the purchase of season card


For a membership of € 5 per person per season only, it provides access to the lifts of the resort, when you want without ever going through the boxes, or recharge package beforehand. The card is detected across the ski lifts during the first pass of the day and then you receive a weekly summary of your skiing days via email. Your skiing days will be debited directly from your bank account at the end of month.

Note: The reference package is the package one day only. The card does not work for them to / pedestrian cable car or for the beginner package.

If reduced price due to a partial opening of the ski area, the discount will be applied to the price offered in the resort.

To benefit, visit the website:

These offers can not be combined with other special offers of the resort and only apply to consumer day. Conditions Online