Alternative snowsports

Exciting changes are transforming the world of snowsports

Monoskiing, telemark skiing, snake sledging, and Yoonering are all conquering the mountain slopes.
It’s true that monoskiing, Yoonering, and snake sledging have been around for a while, and telemark skiing for several centuries, but people are beginning to really take them up.

So leave your skis or snowboard to one side for a bit, and come and have a go at these alternative snowsports.

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Monoskiing is a snowsport more and more people are taking up. monoskiiing.

It is a little-known sport and one you can enjoy on the vast expanses of powdery off-piste snow or else on the ski runs.
As its name indicates, monoskiiers use only one ski, on which their feet are fixed side by side.

It started in the USA in the 1960s,
and whilst there was a craze for it in the 1980s it was not until the 2000s that the French Monoski Association (l'Association Française de Monoski) was set up by a group of initiates.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that monoskiing deserves more attention than it tends to get.

Event The Monomitik
An international gathering of mono-skiers. They are a fun, friendly, and slightly crazy bunch who leave a unique impression on the ski slopes of Les Angles.
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Telemark is a style of skiing invented in 1868 by a Norwegian farmer called Sondre Norheim, from the province of Telemark. It is an extremely attractive combination of all the others sorts of skiing - downhill, cross-country, and with a touch of freestyle thrown in.

Telemark uses bindings where the boot is only attached at the toe so that you can turn with bended knees. Nothing new there. And yet thanks to the wide skis it is an easy, innovative, and intoxicating form of skiing.

This Norwegian touch lends an aesthetic dimension with the telemarker looking for perfect balance in borderline turns where a fall is just a hair's width away.

The telemarkers’ slogan sums it all up - ‘Free your heel, free your mind, free yourself!’

Telemark gathering
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Snake sledging is a group sledging activity to enjoy with your family or friends.
The sledges are all identical and hitch up to one another to form a single train.

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Skwalling is one of the many snow sports based on skiing.
The particularity of skwalling is that the feet are one in front of the other.

People who practise the sports are named “skwaleurs” and “skwalinettes”. Unlike on a snowboard the rider faces the same direction as the board, making it more like a skiing position,

and so it truly is a sport in its own right