Sulphur thermal baths in the Conflent area

The thermal water is a natural mineral spring water, it has a set of characteristics likely to provide him health-promoting properties.

The spring water at Saint-Thomas is among the hottest in the Pyrenees (58°C).

It is sulphurous, bicarbonated, and rich in fluoride and minerals.

Used naturally this outstanding water has analgesic, muscle-relaxing, anti-allergenic, and skin-healing properties.

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  • Bains sulfureux Pyrénées
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  • Les Angles Bains chauds


Imagine a vast stone amphitheatre sheltering three open-air pools of warm sulphurous water, set within a valley in the sunlit mountain landscape.

You're in Saint-Thomas les Bains in the Pyrénées-Orientales, at an attitude of 1150m, with a fantastic sulphurous spring where the water emerges at 58°C and that has long been recognised for its therapeutic qualities. 

And inside a Hammam
Three outdoor baths (with the water between 34°C and 38°C).

Open from 10am to 7:40pm and until 8:40pm during the school holidays.

Thermal Bath at Saint Thomas

Direction Perpignan – RN116
Tel : +33 (0)