Sulphur thermal baths in the Cerdagne area

The sulfur baths are named in reference to the active substance it contains

It is added sulfur baths can cure diseases.

The thermal waters have their origins in the depths of the Earth.

It was during their long journey to the surface, they are enriched with chemical properties and trace elements.
Depending on the soil from which it springs, the water will be used for various therapeutic orientations.

  • Bains de Dorres Cerdagne Capcir
  • Bain de Llo Les Angles
  • Bains chauds Llo
  • Bains de Dorres Pyrénées
  • Source d'eau chaude Dorres Pyrénées


The Llo thermal baths are set in a picturesque village alongside the Gorges du Sègre, near a spring of naturally sulphur water. Come and discover this marvellous place after having an outing.

The thermal waters at Llo are naturally rich in sulphur and minerals. They are recognised for their relaxing properties, for their soothing effect on rheumatism and muscle pain, and for smoothing skin and hair.

So come and recharge your batteries in the hot sulphurous spring water, a pure delight for mind and body, and just next to the ski runs.

An open-air pool and a Jacuzzi (water between 34°C and 39°C).

And inside a Jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, and open pool.

Open every day from 10am to 7:30pm, and until 8pm during the school holidays.

The Thermal Baths at Llo

To Andorra – RN 116
Tel : +33 (0)


The earliest known trace of the thermal baths at Dorres dates back to the Middle Ages. Whatever the weather or time of year it is always pleasant to dive into the two outdoor pools heated to 38°C or 39°C.

It's a real delight to relax in the sun, lying in the pool whilst contemplating the magnificent views of the mountains from Le Canigou to Sierra del Cadi - a prospect which is sure to please.

With the snow on the ground you can bathe in the open air pool, comfortably immersed in the spring water amidst the white landscape that scintillates in the sun.

Two outdoor pools and two old pools hewn out of blocks of granite (water between 37°C and 40°C).

Open every day from 8:45am to 8pm

The Thermal Baths Dorres

To Font-Romeu – D618
Tel : +33 (0)