Baths in the Capcir area

After a long winter's day what could be more pleasant or relaxing than a nice hot bath?

You can already imagine yourself luxuriating in the water.

So add a bit of warmth to your day's skiing and indulge yourself!

  • Sauna Capcir
  • Bain chaud Matemale
  • Sauna Matemale


Located right in the heart of the Capcir Plateau and ideal for winter sports or just relaxation, the Matemale swimming pool is part of a sports centre.
What makes it different is that it uses renewable energy sources to heat the pools. The Matemale leisure centre has a hot bath, hammam, and sauna for you to relax in.

Hot spring water in a natural setting - that’s pure pleasure.
An open-air Jacuzzi.
And a Jacuzzi and hammam inside

Matemale swimming pool

A 3km des Angles
Tel : +33 (0)