In the water

In our part of the world the lakes and streams are frozen in winter.

But don't worry, in Les Angles and in the Capcir we don't suggest going in the water - instead we will take you under the water!

So forget your swimming costume, snorkel and sun cream – what you need here is your diving suit.

  • Plongée sous glace Les Angles
  • Plongée sous glace station de ski
  • Plongée sous glace PO
  • Plongée sous glace Lac de Balcère
  • Plongée sous glace 66


A completely different form of diving – and it sure is cool! Come discover diving in the mountain lakes.

Both beginners and experienced divers will enjoy swimming beneath a layer of ice between 50cm and 2m thick, in a fully watertight suit.

Plongée Cap Cerbère

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Rédéris Club de Banyuls

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