Safety instructions

It is your responsibility to ensure that these instructions are respected at all times, both for your safety and for the safety of others.
The instructions are as follows:

  • Give right of way to the person in front.
  • Always control your speed and leave sufficient space between you and the person in front so that you have time to react if they make a mistake. It's always easier to go quickly than it is to stop.
  • You must always be able to see the person in front of you and be seen by the person behind you. It's a matter of simple common sense, particularly when you are coming to an intersection or about to change direction.
  • When on the road follow the highway code

Instructions for cycling in a group 

These too are a matter of common sense:


  • The group adapts its speed to that of the slowest member.
  • Regroup frequently and don't start off again as soon as the last person arrives otherwise they will not get any time to rest, unlike the others. Regrouping also enables you to check whether any of the members are looking tired, etc. Remember to take refreshment as a group during these breaks.
  • At a crossroads, when you aren't changing direction you just carry on. You only need to stop if you are changing direction.
  • Do not overtake.
  • Place the slowest people at the front, that way it is easier to adapt the speed of the group to their pace.
  • In the event of an accident follow the first-aid rules​​

Code of good practice

Follow the code of good practice with so as to respect and get on well with other nature "users".
You just need to follow a few rules, which are for that matter self-evident:

  • Respect the environment as a whole (both the flora and the wildlife). NEVER LEAVE ANY LITTER BEHIND.
  • Respect private property.
  • Give right of way to pedestrians and people on horseback.
  • Respect the particular rules that apply in certain places (for example in publicly owned forests).
  • Establish friendly relations with other users.