Leisure activities


The village of Les Angles and the leisure centre there have many activities on offer to energise your stay, including MTBing, hiking in the Forêt de la Matte, a mini-golf course to brush up on your technique, trekking with a pack of Huskies, horse-riding, or else a go on a merry-go-round.

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Family MTBing

Why not let yourself be tempted by a little MTB tour around the Leisure Centre at Lac de Matemale.

Fugues Vtt has bikes for children and adults so you can set off exploring the Forêt de la Matte on your own. 
Fugues Vtt has a wide choice of MTBs, tandems, child trailers, and so on.

Fugues Vtt 

Tel : +33 (0) or +33 (0)
Mail: authamayou.jeanluc@free.fr

Child MTBing

Activities from 7 years with the bike club kid.
Designed to give children from 7 to 12 years of practical concepts MTBing safely.
Our job is to supervise outdoor activities in prevention and safety approach. It is important to educate children to acquire good reflexes guarantee a practice safer and responsible.

Bureau mountain Angles

Mail: julienboher@gmail.com


Continue your excursion around the Leisure Centre on horseback with Gérard and his team at Les Crinières Blondes. 

This special experience will enable you to live in harmony with your animal and with nature, beside the waters of Lac de Matemale. 
And the younger children you can go pony-riding with Spirou, Lucky, Comète, and their stable mates. 

Pony and horse outings, horse-riding courses and lessons.

Les Crinières Blondes

Tel : +33 (0) or (0)

Equisud has specialised in horseback trekking for over 20 years now and organises outings lasting between 1 and 6 days in the Pyrenees.
Near the Leisure Centre at Lac de Matemale.


Tel : +33 (0) or (0)

Cheval'Rando is a small family-owned horse-riding centre for outings ranging from 1 hour to the whole day.
Near the Leisure Centre at Lac de Matemale.

Cheval Rando

Tel : +33 (0) or (0)


Planet'Air will welcome you near the Leisure Base at Lac de Matemale.
With a tunnel fish, slide, and an octopus your children will be able to work off some of that pent-up energy.
For children between the ages of 3 and 12. Carole also does face-painting workshops.


Tel: +33 (0)


Come and try your hand at archery near the Leisure Base. 
Have you ever fancied yourself as a modern-day Robin Hood?

Michèle welcomes groups from 9 AM to 11:30 AM,
groups of under-7s from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, 
and the general public from 2 PM to 7 PM.


Tel: +33 (0)6 24 03 26 99

Packs of sledge dogs

The Alaskan Forever pack will take children and adults out to explore the Forêt de la Matte in a different way. 
Outings with a pack of sledge dogs for beginners, open to all ages. 

Alaskan Forever

Approval DDJS: 07713ET0027
Muscher state diploma
Certificate of competency given by the veterinary services

Forêt de la Matte
Tel : +33 (0)


Sébastien and Sandy will welcome you near the Les Angles Leisure Base every day from 10 AM to 7 PM so as to safely defy the law of gravity. 
There are 3 trampolines equipped with elastic ropes to really take to the air!

Le Pantroline

Tel: +33 (0)

Réservation on Line

Summer Biathlon

Biathlon for beginners with a laser rifle - an Olympic sport for all the family aged 8 and over.
Sessions last one and a half hours. Bookings at the Mountain Bureau.


Tel: +33 (0)
Mail: fred.maugery@wanadoo.fr

Mini-golf course

You will find the Forêt de la Matte mini-golf course on your left as you leave the Les Angles Leisure Centre. 

Aim, control, swing, and putt - how many strokes will it take you to go around the circuit?
So come and have fun with the little white balls, and remember – the more the merrier!

NEW: Putting Green

Open every day from 9h to 19h. snack

Mini Golf du Lac

Tél: +33 (0)6 51 71 52 44
Mail: minigolfdulac@gmail.com


The "merry-go-round resort" is on Avenue de Mont-Louis in the village! 
Your children will find spacecraft, helicopters, planes, cars, and boats all waiting for them.
Véronique and Jean-Luc well welcome you every day to this heated, covered merry-go-round.

Station Manège 

Tel. : +33 (0)


Petanque is played at Les Angles on many occasions over the course of the summer. The village has become one of the key destinations for petanque in the Cerdagne and Capcir area over the past few years, to the delight of all lovers of the game. 
Various tournaments are organised during the summer at the petanque ground in the lower resort.


In the lower resort you will find a sports centre with 2 tennis courts and 1 small multi-sports pitch for football and basketball