Up in the trees


Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience perched up in the trees, for the fun of climbing them or else even to sleep in them – for all those a bit sporty or else looking for a thrill!

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Treetop adventure course

Come and have fun up in the trees at the heart of the Forêt la Matte.

You leave the ground and only come back down once you have become a true adventurer. An unforgettable moment that will see you negotiating rope-bridges, walkways, zip-lines, nets, beams, tipping tree trunks, and more – so if one thing's certain it’s that you're in for a thrill!

Come with your family or friends and enjoy the thrills of an adventure course at the top of the giant Scots pines with 15 trails, 140 obstacles, and a 215m-long zip-line on a course that takes between 1 hour and 3 hours 30 minutes to complete.

Everyone will appreciate the sheer fun of it or else the more technical aspects of the obstacles, as well as the professionalism of the instructors, and the fact that the site is in a clean and secure forest environment.


A wide range of different rates are available with reductions for families, students, school parties, and institutions. Quotes available on request.

The adventure course is open every day in July, August, and early September from 9 to 8 PM non-stop, and in the afternoon during the autumn and spring holidays. Open for bookings during the rest of the year.

Parcours aventure - Les Angles Aventure

Forêt de la Matte - 66210 Les Angles
Tel : +33 (0)06 81 41 16 30
Mail: info@angles-aventure.fr


Accros Cimes

If you want to leave the beaten tracks then why not try sleeping up in a tree top?

“Dormons dans les arbres” is almost a village perched up in the trees where visitors can spend the night between 1 and 12 metres up in the air, near the Lac de Matemale. There are vast hammocks big enough for the whole family. For safety reasons, however, only children aged over 4 can test out the joys of weightlessness.

This exceptional experience is a marvellous way of being truly one with nature, with your head in the stars amidst the Scots pines. Even those who normally find it hard to get to sleep will be lulled by the gentle swaying. And should the weather turn bad there is a comfortable 34m² yurt to retreat to back on the ground.

Open to the public from mid-June to mid-September, booking required. A member of staff is present in the yurt at night.

Various options are available.

Peace: take the time to be suspended in the trees. Low down between 1.5 metres and 2.5 metres from the ground all is quiet, and you can enjoy the sensation without any apprehension whatsoever. This is ideal for couples and families (children over 4 or 5).

Like a bird: a sensation of gently swaying as you are suspended for an instant in time. Sleep safely 3.5 metres up from the ground or more amidst the centuries-old Scots pines. The tents are large enough for two adults together with one or two small children.

Above 3 metres safety equipment is obligatory.

You can safely climb the trees on site.

Lookout: comfortably installed in your hammock hanging 5 to 8 metres above the ground you can listen, watch, and feel the wildlife present around you. In the nearby clearings stags and deer come and go.

L'échappée belle Accrocimes

M. Thomas Lapeyre
Tel: +33 (0)6 15 79 93 29
Mail: thomas.lapeyre0660@orange.fr