Beginners’ slopes

With gentle slopes set amidst magnificent forested landscapes, easy-to-get-to ski lifts, magic carpets, and beginners' slopes, families can be sure that safety comes first at Les Angles.

After your first steps calmly on our beginners' area, you will definitely end the possibility of living to reach the top of the resort and enjoy a panorama which beginners rarely have access!

You are a beginner and you want to stay on the "Bas de station" and "Pla del Mir" area: take advantage of the ski pass "Beginner" dedicated to these areas.

  • Secteur Débutant Bas de Station Les Angles
  • Secteur Débutant Pla Del Mir Les Angles
  • Secteur Débutant Pla Del Mir Les Angles
  • Secteur Débutant Bas de Station Les Angles
  • Secteur Débutant Plateau de Bigorre Les Angles
  • Secteur Débutant Plateau de Bigorre Les Angles
  • Secteur Débutant Pla Del Mir Les Angles


This beginners' zone is right in the heart of the Village Resort. There is a magic carpet and the Bambi chairlift takes you the top of one gently sloping green run.
The area is fully accessible to people on foot, so family and friends can come and lend their encouragement.
There is also the kids' area at the Ecole de Ski Français, as well as a sledging run.

Set apart from the other areas on the skiing area, it is absolutely perfect for families.

It is very easy to get to by foot or else by the shuttle service, and there are superb views over the resort's historic village and Matemale Lake.
Note that there is a direct connection to the skiing area via the Les Pèlerins cable car and the Les Jassettes chairlift.

Night-time skiing

Free night-time skiing on the lower slopes of the resort every Saturday, and every day during the French school holidays, from 5 PM to 7 PM.


The Pla del Mir area faces south and is reserved for children and beginners to learn how to ski without others bothering them. There is a shuttle service from the village.

Set in the heart of the Pla del Mir Cirque it is a haven of peace and quiet, offering a reassuring and stress-free environment in which to learn, as well as being very practical for parents and anyone else who has come to lend support.

It is an area for skiers of all abilities, and you can come up and put all you have learned into practice on the three green runs (Collade, Marmotte and Faon) with ski lift access and magic carpet, or else head off across the whole skiing area via the Pla del Mir chairlift.

There is also the Les Angles Animal Park.

So whether you're young or old, a skier or else simply out walking, then the Pla del Mir is the ideal place for you.


  • Creating a new green run Pla del Mir
    Marmotte run will be serviced by the ski lift. 
  • Creating a child play area
    Have fun with your family on the secure play area green Chevreuil run! 
    Discover: whoops, banked turns, bumps, rails ... a freestyle approach to everyone.


The Les Pèlerins cable car arrives at the Bigorre Plateau, the heart of the skiing area. At an altitude of 2100m, it is an absolute delight. It acts as the heart and lungs of the entire skiing zone, providing access to all the various areas.

Its great strength is the wonderful 2-hectare plateau that really is an intermediate access zone between the beginners' areas and the space for serious skiing. There is also the P’tit Yéti, an entirely safe high-altitude area operated by the Ecole de Ski Internationale.

There is pedestrian access from the Les Pèlerins cable car, and with its high altitude restaurant, ‘Le Chalet’ and yhe "Hors sac room", it is the perfect place to relax in the sun whilst keeping an eye on your children.

The perfect place for children and adults alike, you can learn how to ski or else soak up the sun whilst admiring the peaks of the Roc d’Aude and Cambre d’Aze.