Artists' residency

Artist residency – a cultural partnership

As part of its artist residency programme the resort provides one or several artists with a studio, technical material, and accommodation. They are also given financial support to help them with their artistic creation. The events office is committed to discreetly offering them any help they may require by placing its technical skills at their disposal.

In exchange the invited company undertakes to present their work at a show that is open to the public. Schools also get to enjoy a half-day’s cultural activity.

This week is one of intense work for the invited company.

The final show is presented at whenever is the most appropriate moment in the village's cultural programme.

The objectives:

  • Ensure that Les Angles is a place that supports artistic creation.
  • Bring added dynamism to its cultural programme.
  • Root artistic work within the local environment.
  • Make it possible to exhibit pieces and innovative works.
  • Convey an upmarket and dynamic cultural image.