The history of the resort

The resort was created in 1964 by Paul Samson, and 5 decades on it is now one of the most successful in the Pyrenees.

The resort of Les Angles - based on the concept of a village resort, which is unique in the Pyrénées Orientales - owes its success to the fact that its ski domain arrives at the foot of the church tower.

The resort at Les Angles, lying bathed in the Mediterranean sun, dominates the landscape of the Capcir plateau in the Catalan Pyrenees.

The adventure at Les Angles started back in 1964 when the first chairlift was installed, rapidly followed by 2 drag lifts. 

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In 1961 Les Angles was a village of just 250 inhabitants who lived to the rhythm of life on the farm and the raising of livestock.

But the agricultural economy was not an easy one, and the young people used to leave the area looking for better paid jobs. The village was gradually dying. The Town Council, led by Paul Samson, was aware that skiing could offer an economic alternative given the nationwide development of leisure activities. The land from Pla Del Mir to Péborny looked ideal. The whole village therefore decided to take its destiny in hand and refused just to sit back and watch this rural exodus.

From then on Les Angles has invested in developing skiing activities year after year so as to create a large ski domain with modern innovative equipment. This conversion was an economic success from the outset.

1964: It all began on 15 February 1964 with the opening of the first chairlift in the Capcir (Les Jassettes), followed by the first drag lift (Le Llaret).

1970: Installation of the first 4-person cable car (les Pèlerins), the famous "blood red and gold-coloured eggs" which gave direct access to the Bigorre and San Père areas.

1973: Creation of the Pla Del Mir drag lifts.

1981: Creation of the 6-person cable car (Lou Bac) giving access to the Roc d’Aude slopes.

1987: The first 68 snow cannons were installed so as to guarantee visitors could ski all the way back to the village. In the same year the ski school was set up in Les Angles.

1988: The sports centre Espace 92 was created, subsequently renamed the Espace Bleu Neige, offering a whole range of après-ski activities including a swimming pool, skating rink, and bowling alley. A youngsters' drag lift was also installed for the ski school.

Between 1964 and 1990: €40 million were invested in Les Angles to make it a high-quality modern resort.

1990: Construction of the Roc d’Aude chairlift, together with the installation of snow cannons on the Mermet and Paillissous ski runs.

1991: The first chairlift replaced by a 4-person detachable lift, “Les Jassettes Express”.

The snowpark was created - the first in the Pyrenees. This bold choice did much to forge the image of the resort as a dynamic and innovative place.

1998: Development of the lower station with the creation of the Bamby drag lift and the snow bridge above Avenue de Mont Louis, making it possible to ski back into the village as the local youngsters used to before the resort was created.

Les Pèlerins (4-person) and Lou Bac (6-person) cable cars replaced by an ultramodern 16-place cable car which revolutionised not only the logistics but also the whole idea of how the resort was planned. The Plateau de Bigorre was now accessible to everyone - pedestrians, walkers, the elderly, and people of reduced mobility.

2000: Creation of a hillside catchment reservoir able to hold 45,000 m3 of water, enabling the resort to become partially autonomous for making artificial snow.

2003: Development of Pla Del Mir - Construction of a 6-place detachable chairlift.

Reshaping and installation of artificial snow equipment for 6km of ski runs. New snow factory boosting production to 1700m3/h.

200 additional parking places created in the resort. Installation of a new drag lift linking up Pla Del Mir to the lower terminal of the cable car, making it possible to reach the rest of the resort. Restructuring of the Plateau de Bigorre with the ski school areas being moved to make them better and increase the security of the children, and a high altitude restaurant opened near the upper terminal of the cable car. The development of Pla Del Mir provided a new point of entrance to the ski domain thereby preventing any problems relating to congestion, circulation, and parking in the village.

2006: Creation of the La Baliu 4-person chairlift. Installation of new snow cannons on the ski runs.

2006 - 2007: Redevelopment of the streets in the village and additional parking places created.

2007: Installation of a carpet lift in the lower resort and on the Pla Del Mir.

2008 - 2009: Refurbishment of the picnic room.

2009: Redevelopment of the Snowpark with the installation of new wooden modules and repositioning of the rope tow.

2010: 3 freeride zones created. Heated ski locker installed in the hall of the resort’s bureau.

2011-2012: Installation of the hands free ticketing system. Paper lift passes replaced with magnetic cards that users do not even need to take out of their pocket!

Construction of a rescue station on the Plateau de Bigorre.

2012: Installation of an airbag in the Snowpark meaning all skiers can perform safe jumps.

2012: Installation of a system to increase the pressure of water arriving at the cannons, enabling the snow factory to produce artificial snow in real time.

Construction of a new rescue station at the Roc d’Aude.

2013-2014: The Costa Verde space created with 3 additional black runs.

Construction of an additional snow fence on the Balcère domain.

Installation of an additional WebCam at the “Jassettes Express” chairlift.

Wood panelling installed in the picnic room.

A shuttle transport system and car-sharing scheme have been in place over the past couple of years so as to reduce the number of car journeys made by our clients.
This helps us control parking and access problems which are a very real cause for environmental concern.

Nowadays Les Angles is a dynamic winter sports resort, with a high quality ski domain, slopes ideally oriented for good snowfall, outstanding panoramas over the Massif du Carlit at the foot of the Canigou, and ski runs that arrive at the foot of the church tower. Les Angles also offers a dynamic winter atmosphere in conjunction with all the charm of an old Catalan village combined with the attractions of a winter sports resort with 55km of ski runs of all levels lying on the slopes of the Roc d'Aude and Mont Llaret at between 1600m and 2400m in altitude.

Les Angles has every intention of remaining a friendly, innovative, and dynamic resort.


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