Because nothing can compare to Les Angles, our beauticians invite you to travel...

5 sensory trips to choose from:

  • A luxury trip to Dubai: Amber sandalwood
  • A trip of plenitude to Provence: Calisson honey
  • An exotic trip to Madagascar: Exotic mango
  • A relaxing trip to Scandinavia: Green leaf
  • A floral trip to Polynesia: Monoi

So join us to enjoy a unique trip...

Our beauticians have four booths, including a double one for your personalised trip. The visit to the Bathing Area lasts for two hours for any purchase of a treatment or massage (except for beauty treatments). All our treatments and massages can be performed for two people in our double booth. We hire out bathrobes for all our treatments and modelling. Our massages include body modelling and non-therapeutic and non-medical beauty and wellness treatments.


Radiance facial treatment • 40 min/€42

Remove the imperfections from your skin with personalised care to suit different types of skin (dry, oily, mixed and sensitive skin). Deep cleansing, modelling, beauty enhancement.

100% VEGAN organic facial treatment • 60 min/€72

Plant extracts from around the world create a perfect harmony between natural origin and efficiency. Argan, coconut, macadamia, aloe... cleaning, scrub, mask, modelling, beauty enhancement.


Purifying facial treatment • 70 min/€75

This comprehensive treatment combines relaxation with deep cleansing of the skin; use of the vapozone and removal of blackheads for a radiant skin.



Nature experience “the life-giving force of nature” ​ • 70 min/€87

In the forests, we can find the common beech, whose extract is known to stimulate cellular metabolism. Peat bogs release precious extracts that are particularly rich in humic acids for a purifying and invigorating effect on the body.
Bilberry seed oil, which is particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids, has a smoothing and firming effect.
The scrub, wrap and massage will make this moment exceptional.



After a final visit to the steam room. After a scrub, this exfoliating treatment will enable you to remove dead epidermis cells to allow your skin to recover its radiance.

Body scrub • 25 min/€35
Scrub and wrap • 60 min/€72
Scrub and modelling • 60 min/€72            



A mini-getaway up in the clouds • 20 min/€35

Release all your built-up tensions. Absolute relaxation, shiatsu pressure. Stimulate your micro-circulation and soften your scalp, face and neck.
It acts on the nervous system by oxygenating the vascular system and relieving stress. This massage optimises regeneration and growth of hair.

Relaxation à la carte • 30 min/€42

Identify the areas of tension (back, neck, legs, etc.) with our beauticians. Rebalance your energies and enjoy a real moment of relaxation.

Body Getaway • 60 min/€72

Rejuvenating and profound, this relaxation and beauty treatment par excellence enables you to find deep corporal well-being and smooth and silky skin.
Massages, pressures and palpations are used in combination with our massage oils, with numerous scents to permit true relaxation from head to toe.

Intense recovery 

Before any effort, it prepares the muscles, transports the athlete into a more comfortable state and minimises the occurrence of tears.
After the effort, for a faster recovery, it helps to improve the elimination of the toxins accumulated in the muscles during the physical activity and reduces aches.
- Back + neck modelling • 25 min/€38              
- Leg modelling • 25 min/€38


My first dyadic family massage • 40 min/€82 for two

To reveal the benefits of massages to your children, or if they’re already massage fans! It’s a moment of calm and exclusivity, a moment of closeness to be shared with mum or dad!

Hot stone massage • 90 min/€110

The hands and hot stones will work as one to provide you with delicate brushes over your whole body...

The hot stone massage, thanks to the gentle heat of the volcanic stones, will harmonize the flow of energy and transport you far away into deep relaxation.


Getaway in Polynesia • 75 min/€98 

Combining the benefits of a warm massage and the softness of a seashell, this treatment will provide you with complete relaxation and soothe your muscular and nervous tensions; it will have a calming effect on your body and mind.    


A magical treatment to offer or offer yourself… • 4 hours/€114 

4 hours of relaxation just for you!

  • Body scrub
  • Modelling
  • Radiance facial treatment
  • Beauty enhancement

A wonderful invitation to relax... Allow yourself be transported away by the expert hands of our beauticians.      

The treatment list for 6 to 12 year olds...

Organic treatments created and suited to children: adjusted hand pressures and intimacy respected.
Fruity moments of relaxation!

Douce Frimousse • 30 min/€34

A comprehensive, moisturising and relaxing facial treatment for a moment of relaxation.

Bodydoux • 30 min/€34

A comprehensive, relaxing, nutritious and fruity body treatment.         

Max Relax • 60 min/€65

A facial and body treatment for a perfect moment of relaxation.

My first dyadic family massage • 40 min/€82 for two

To reveal the benefits of massages to your children, or if they’re already massage fans! It’s a moment of calm and exclusivity, a moment of closeness to be shared with mum or dad!


Women’s hair removal Rate
Eyebrows or lips or chin € 9
Underarms € 11
Half-arms/arms € 13 / € 16
Classic swimsuit line € 11
Brazilian swimsuit line € 14
Full swimsuit line € 22
Half-legs/legs € 17 / € 27
Thighs € 18
Half-leg/swimsuit line/underarm packages From 33 to  € 44
Leg/swimsuit line/underarm packages From 44 to  € 54


Men’s hair removal         
Eyebrows € 10 
Shoulders or underarms € 18 
Torso or back € 26 
Whole legs € 35 


Application of semi-permanent nail polish           
Hands € 35 
Feet € 25 
Application of semi-permanent nail polish € 15 


Offer a moment of relaxation and well-being.

Choose a gift box for all occasions! For yourself or to offer a moment of relaxation and well-being ...
Fill up your box! Options and bookings at reception.

Weekly schedule:​

Mornings, evenings. Rate on request

If you want to book the aqua wellness space for a private function, you can. Rate on request