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Espace Angléo welcomes you to a unique place which, as if in a dream, combines water, stones, wood, snow, imagination and pleasure.

A perfect complement to skiing, hiking, mountain biking, discovering our magnificent mountains or just taking a holiday; we’ve tried to imagine what everyone needs to switch off and relax after physical effort or simply for pure pleasure.

Massages, swimming, beauty treatments, water aerobics, it’s up to you... or why not try them all?

To take advantage of the sun's rays, come and relax at our Balneo and Well-Being areas, travelling along a fragrant path that mixes bubbling fluidised beds, saunas, steam rooms and much more besides.

Whether you come with family or friends, enjoy a moment of relaxation or a simple fitness session with breathtaking views of the skiing area, the lake and the old village of Les Angles.

Forget your daily hassles and relax at a new destination that will provide you with softness, comfort, vitality and serenity.

Let yourself be carried away by the entrancing fragrances surrounding you and the beauty of the landscapes.
A short visit to the heart of Capcir to enjoy memorable moments.

ANGLEO SPACE RATES High season rate * Low season rate **
2 hours normal rate € 18 € 15
2 hours reduced rate under 12 € 13 € 11
2 hours babies under 3 - layer of underclothes included in the rate € 3 € 3
2 hours morning special (before 2:00 pm) normal rate € 15
2 hours morning special (before 2:00 pm) reduced rate € 11
12-hour card. Valid for one year, option of instant use for up to 4 people € 90
40-hour card. Valid for one year, option of instant use for up to 4 people € 260
Hiring of bath towels € 4
Pair of flip-flops € 2

Sale of swimsuits for women, men, girls and boys, towels, hooded towels and bathrobes (subject to availability)

Group and weekly rates... inquire at reception (+33 4 68 04 39 33)




1 session (valid for 3 months) € 8 
10 sessions  € 72 
20 sessions  € 136 


1 session + 1 hour of bathing (valid for 3 months) 22 €
10 sessions 154€
20 sessions 264€

Inquire at reception (+33 (0)


Offrez un moment détente et de bien-être.

Choose a gift box for any occasion! For yourself or to offer a moment of relaxation and well-being ...
Fill up your box! Options and bookings at reception.

Balnéo &Spa
Avenue de Mont Louis

Tel +33 (0)4 68 04 39 33


Price list               
Sale of swimsuits for men (depending on availability) € 12
Sale of swimsuits for women (depending on availability) € 16
Sale of swimsuits for girls (3 to 12 years) (depending on availability) € 11
Sale of swimsuits for boys (3 to 12 years) (depending on availability) € 10
Sale of Angléo embroidered towel € 14
Vente peignoir de bain brodée Angléo € 45
Sale of Angléo embroidered bathrobe € 19
Bath towel rental € 4
Pair of flip-flops € 2