Balnéo & Spa

Espace Angléo welcomes you to a unique place which, as if in a dream, combines water, stones, wood, snow, imagination and pleasure.

A perfect complement to skiing, hiking, mountain biking, discovering our magnificent mountains or just taking a holiday; we’ve tried to imagine what everyone needs to switch off and relax after physical effort or simply for pure pleasure.

Massages, swimming, beauty treatments, water aerobics, it’s up to you... or why not try them all?

To take advantage of the sun's rays, come and relax at our Balneo and Well-Being areas, travelling along a fragrant path that mixes bubbling fluidised beds, saunas, steam rooms and much more besides.

Whether you come with family or friends, enjoy a moment of relaxation or a simple fitness session with breathtaking views of the skiing area, the lake and the old village of Les Angles.

Forget your daily hassles and relax at a new destination that will provide you with softness, comfort, vitality and serenity.

Let yourself be carried away by the entrancing fragrances surrounding you and the beauty of the landscapes.
A short visit to the heart of Capcir to enjoy memorable moments.


In this area, where the stones and wood are in harmony with the water, we combine several ambiences and several areas. Relaxation and serenity are the key words.


A Zen space will welcome the children, who will enjoy the massaging and bubbling jets.

With all kinds of massaging and bubbling jets to suit their size. A footbridge separating the two pools leads to the quiet area.


A sensory and visual immersion, the prelude to relaxation.

The area has underwater audiotherapy.

Cols-de-cygne, canons à eau, buses hydromassantes, luminothérapie, jets massants… Rien ne manque pour vous permettre de passer d’agréables moments.


Because nothing compares to Les Angles... the steam room and sauna have been revisited... the East in an igloo, Scandinavia in barrels.

2 saunas: (dry heat) 70°C/100°C The benefits of the sauna. A sauna session is highly effective in combating stress and tension. The body secretes endorphins that aid relaxation. The sauna improves sleeping and helps to flush away the toxins built up by the body.

2 steam rooms: (moist heat) approx. 50°C. The steam room removes impurities and bacteria. It frees the sinuses and nasal passages, facilitates breathing, soothes muscular pains and allows immediate relaxation. All of this is possible thanks to the benefits of heat combined with humidity. The steam room is one of the best things you can offer your body.

ICE FOUNTAIN The therapeutic aim of the ice fountain is the same as that of the Frigidarium cold booth: to provide a complete thermal contrast during the thermal bath cycles. These cold baths are highly recommended for general stimulation of the body, basically the vasoconstriction that gives flexibility to the circulation system. Its use is more traditional in the sense that it involves gently massaging the surface of the body with small pieces of ice, in a fully personalized manner for each user. This therapeutic supplement makes it possible to obtain the sensations actually experienced during sauna sessions in the Baltic regions, the home of the Finnish sauna.

The sauna is usually combined with massages with contact with snow and ice to achieve the full effect of the thermal bath session. Benefits: * Vasoconstriction * Nerve Relaxation * Muscular Relaxation * Circulation System Stimulation


This will enable you to discover the benefits of halotherapy.

Halotherapy is a form of natural salt-based therapy. Inhaled mineral salts and trace elements allow you to unwind and relax. The benefits of halotherapy can be explained by the environment and microclimate created in the salt cave. A salt chamber is a relaxing space where the walls and the floor are covered with salt. In this inhalation chamber, a device circulates pure salty air, due to the negative ions which remove all the bacteria and allergens. A halotherapy session is equivalent to three days spent by the sea for the body. The benefits of salt therapy are numerous: * Prevention of respiratory disorders * Strengthening of the immune system and revitalization of the body * Decrease in the state of fatigue and stress * Reduction of sleep disorders and depression * Removal of toxins and softening of the skin


Whether it’s warm or cold outside.

In the centre of the outdoor pool, a jacuzzi with a vortex, a swirling flow where the fluid particles rotate around an instantaneous axis surrounded by strong and more gentle bubbling, massaging jets and a counter-current.


Our beauticians welcome you into a cosy and quiet space to relax and meditate. Natural essences, subdued lighting, Zen music. Once you’ve arrived, oils, smooth creams and hot pebbles carry you off to this multi-sensory experience.

The space has four booths, including a double one. Massage tables with a shape memory and heated mattresses. Relaxation room, tearoom, nail room.


Start of the project in 2014, public opening on 15 December 2018